Buying an affordable car does not need to mean sacrificing on basics like interior room and passenger capacity. While it used to be that entry-level buyers were confined mostly to compact vehicles and even smaller ones, today’s shoppers have more choices to consider. The Opel Zafira, for example, has maintained an extremely affordable price point ever since its 1999 introduction, with the most recent version of the vehicle extending well beyond the usual limits of the compact car category. Able to carry up to seven occupants in comfort and style, the Zafira has turned out to be one of the manufacturer’s most successful offerings of all.

Another reason why the Zafira attracts so much attention from budget minded buyers is that it both comes well equipped in standard form and can be configured to suit just about any set of tastes and requirements. The basic version of the Zafira, in fact, is regularly singled out as an especially generously appointed car, with many reviewers also praising the refinement of its cabin and accessories. As a result, a great many buyers choose to keep their costs as low as possible and come away highly satisfied with the results.

For those who choose to configure Opel Zafira models with additional options, just as much value typically awaits. Given that the Zafira is often chosen specifically for its ability to carry so many passengers or so much cargo, engine upgrades are quite popular among buyers. The turbo-boosted 1.4 liter engines that are offered as standard in many regions are capable of getting a loaded Zafira up to speed, but will not always offer the responsiveness, under such conditions, that every driver would like.

For this reason and others, Opel goes well beyond this basic form of motivation, offering options that can improve on the standard power plant’s output by as much as one third or more. Configured with an engine of this class, the specifics of which vary from one market to the next, the Zafira becomes an especially zippy and compliant means of moving an impressive number of people from place to place. Combined with the basic affordability of the line, this undoubtedly accounts for a good deal of the Zafira’s popularity.