5 Health Tips for Your Dog Dogs are among the most popular pets kept today. They have a variety of duties like acting as guards, guides for blind people, and as sniffer dogs to smell contraband like drugs and bombs. They are also very good companions and friends if treated well. If you plan to have a fulfilling time with your dog, its health should be of paramount importance. Here are tips to keeping your dog healthy. Giving the dog the right diet is very crucial for its well-being. Lack of a good diet brings problems such as weight loss, wear of teeth and unhealthy fur. Inappropriate diet also contributes to the dog having weak joints and eyes that are dull and lack brightness. Don’t give the dog cooked food and manufactured food as they contain preservatives. Add supplements and vitamins to the dog’s diet. A good diet will strengthen a dog’s immune system, maintain intestinal health and keep it mentally sharp. Exercise plays a great role in the health of the dog. Dogs should get regular walks to stretch their muscles and strengthen their joints. Dogs with weight that is greatly above average can get heart illnesses and diabetes. Obesity is a hindrance to a dog’s long life. Day to day exercise will increase the lifespan of the dog. Dogs need medical examinations by a reliable veterinary doctor from time to time. Occasional vaccination should be part of this. Vaccination is a good method of ensuring that the dog is well protected from some ailments. These tests may show hidden health issues. Catching the disease in its early stages makes treatment easier and less expensive. It’s good to start taking dogs to the veterinary when they are young so as to have their full medical history. This helps in also making the dogs get used to being attended to by a veterinary doctor from an early age. Proper grooming and care is vital to the health of the dog. Lack of good grooming in a dog makes the dog look bad, unhappy and can fall to ailments easily. Stimulation of the skin and removal of excess fur is caused by brushing the coat regularly. Trimming of nails should also be done to avoid overgrown nails breaking or splitting. Always clean the ears of the dog to prevent accumulation of wax that can bring about infection. Other dog breeds have fast growing hair thus occasional haircuts are recommended. Mental stimulation is also important for dogs. Involvement in activities keeps their minds alert and agile. This can be done by teaching the dog tricks and commands. Playing with toys is good for engaging their minds. By engaging in these activities, owners and their dogs learn how to socialize together. By following these tips, one can be assured of good dog health leading to longer life for the dog.

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